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Thank you for your interest in GT Technical Consultants, Ltd.


We advise and train:

Organizations and users to achieve zero defects in the selection, use and maintenance of fasteners.


We work with:

Maintenance and repair organizations, manufacturers, transportation companies, ski lift operators, amusement parks, state and local governments, the military, and fastener distributors.


We provide:

  • Consulting services that manage the very real risk of the '$10,000 bolt' (and the related $10 million in liability)

  • State-of-the-art information and maintenance solutions related to the application, specification, failure prevention, quality and assembly procedures of fastener products.

  • Training programs that are unique in the fastener industry.

  • A track record of achieving millions of dollars in cost-reduction and revenue improvement related to failure analysis, operations, product safety, and product marketing.

We use:

  • IFI ASTM, SAE, ISO ASME Standards


Members of:

  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE): Vice-Chair F16 Fastener Committee

  • ASTM: Chairman F16.01 Fastener Test Methods

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"A 50-cent nut or bolt can cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage or downtime.  Worse yet, would be the millions of dollars in liability damage for personal injury."

"Any fastener made can and will fail if not properly chosen for the correct application or adequately tightened."

“The greatest factor in preventing the failure of a fastener is ensuring the correct fastener is purchased to meet the needs of maintenance.”

- Guy T. Avellon, founder of GT Technical Consultants, Ltd.


How you benefit:

When you work with GT Technical Consultants on fastener safety, you will see results in:

  • Safe, accident free facilities

  • Protection against risk of litigation

  • Experience accumulated in a variety of industry settings

  • Training based on more than 25 years of experience

  • Measurable productivity and financial benefits



$10,000 BOLT ?


Bolts, nuts, screws and socket heads, or 'fasteners', as they are referred to in the industry, literally hold the world together. Typically, the cost of a fastener in a finished assembly is only 0.1% the cost of that assembly. This is true regardless if they are used in an airplane, automobile, bridge, building, conveyor or as wheel bolts. Yet, if one of these fasteners was to fail while holding together a critical part, it would mean loss of production, loss of property or loss of life.